Unlocker 1.9.2

This software allows the user to delete files that are locked by the operating system

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    Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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    7.2 (90)
Unlocker 1.9.2
Unlocker (64 bits) 1.9.1

Unlocker 64-bit is a Windows utility that lets you delete, move and rename locked files.

Unlocker 64-bit or x64 is an application that unlocks locked files, and it’s designed specifically for 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. Windows locks files in use in order to avoid lost and corrupted data. Usually, that’s a good thing, but sometimes, files are locked in error or locked and abandoned, and when that happens, it can be a great inconvenience to users and requires a reboot. Unlocker lets you overcome that problem without rebooting your PC.

When activated, Unlocker presents a list of locked files. Simply choose the file you want to unlock and then, press the Unlock button. Once the app works its magic, you can delete, rename, move or otherwise manipulate the file. This tool works with folders as well as files and can handle nested directories, long path names and so forth. The program is simple and intuitive to use, and even casual computer users can unlock files with ease.

Unlocker integrates with Windows Explorer, which is big part of its ease of use. There’s no need to run Unlocker if you know which file you want to manipulate. Simply right-click and choose the Unlock menu option. Presto! Most of the time, unlocking is so fast that you won’t even notice the process. In cases where the process is lengthier, such as when unlocking a nested folder, the program provides a progress bar that accurately reflects how long the process will take.

The program doesn’t have any inherent downsides. The UI is a bit basic, but the program does what it sets out to do very well. Its worth mentioning that Unlocker can cause system instability and application instability if used carelessly. This isn’t the fault of the tool. If you unlock and manipulate a file that should be left alone, then you can expect data problems, crashes and so forth.


  • Manipulate locked files
  • Windows integration
  • Simple to use


  • None

Unlocker x64 is an Internet Explorer application that permits a person to quickly deal with certain types of error messages. By right clicking on certain error messages (like "file is in use in another program"), the error message is eliminated and a user can move forward with the task.


  • One of the main plusses associated with Unlocker x64 is that it deals with a variety of the "file in use somewhere else" error types messages that typically force a computer user to shut down and boot up again. Other types of messages eliminated by this program -- without hampering any of the computers operations in a negative way -- include "access denied" and "cannot delete file." In the end, these "error messages" oftentimes issue ... in error.
  • Another of the positive elements associated with Unlocker x64 is the fact that it works with a variety of different operating systems, including a spectrum of different derivations of Windows operating systems -- including the most recent versions of Windows.
  • If an error message actually is appropriately displayed, Unlocker x64 identifies why it is occurring. For example, if a file really is in use by another program, Unlocker x64 directs a user to that program and permits him or her the ability to deal with it, rather than shut everything down. The application provides a far more effective way of dealing with these types of issues.


  • At the present time, Unlocker x64 is not without what some people consider a fairly substantial drawback. When Unlocker x64 is downloaded, at least one and potentially two other applications trundle along with it. There is not obvious notification to a person downloading that this is occurring. Specifically, bloatware is the additional product most often that is installed along with Unlocker x64. Users are told it is a recommended component of the Unlocker x64 download, which accurately is not a technically accurate statement.
  • Another complaint associated with involves a reconfiguration of Internet Explorer and Firefox following a download. This occurs in conjunction with the extraneous applications that download with Unlocker x64.

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